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The bulerjan type stove is a highly effective, reliable, safe and long-lasting heating device. The outward functional form of the this stove has remained unchanged for forty years now because it simply cannot be improved upon as a design for a pure hot air stove. Having originally been conceived as a stand-alone wood-fired heating device – and often used as the only heat source – one of the key qualities of the Free Flow hot air stove has always been the fast and even heating of rooms.

The striking and logical design of the bullerjan is so unique that it makes a positive statement in any surroundings. It is equally at home in the countryside, in town, or in the workshop.
 The stove is a hot air stove in its purest form. Air from the room is quickly heated in the convection pipes without direct contact with the fire and rises up (thermal convection effect). Cooler air from the room flows up into the pipe and is also heated. The undetectable flow of air created in this way spreads the heat immediately, quickly and evenly into the spaces to be heated. 

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